Athens set ablaze

While the MPs are in the parliament now voting on the implementation of the austerity plans, a constant flow of images and videos from the streets of Athens spring up to the web. Myriads of photographs capturing the despair, angry mobs of citizens demanding for an honourable way of life.

More than 40 fires were set in the city of Athens, windows crushed, innocent citizens injured, local shops vandalized, shattering the incomes and life’s savings of their owners. Fire in the land which gave birth to democracy, has always been burning. But that was a fire of spirituality, a proof that man could rise above the situation and cultivate his intellect, and create a system that is just, fair and prosperous. During the Olympic Games, the holy fire was set to symbolize peace, during religious or spiritual celebrations fire was burning in the temples, monasteries and churches alluding to the bond between man and divinity. During the Holy week of Easter, Judas is set on fire, and church goers fall into darkness, mourning the crucifixion of the son of god, waiting for the resurrection and the enlightment. Into the darkness, people pass on a blessed flame, until the church and streets are lit up.

How have the times changed, that the fires are now set not to speak of the light, but of the uttermost darkness the state of Greece is at now. And while being involved in politics and being an active citizen should be in our moral imperative, such acts of vandalisms should not be associated with democracy.

While the votes are being counted and we are awaiting for the outcome, I can’t help but wonder for whom the bell tolls. Who will pay for the lack of solidarity, which the European Union prides itself with? As the broadcast from the parliament is ongoing, I hope Greece will find a way to reconstitute its government without selling its people, its rich culture, its soul to the lowest bidder.

[Perhaps Plato was correct in being so cynical in democracy]

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